Episode 16: Leslie Jonath

Episode 15: Alon Shaya

Ep14: Maggie Hoffman

Ep13: Imogene Tondre

Cuba: The Cookbook
By Madelaine Vazquez Galvez, Imogene Tondre

Ep12: Michael Harlan Turkell

Ep11: Gaby Dalkin

Ep10: Samin Nosrat

Ep9: Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Ep8: Diana Henry

Ep7: Jacques Pépin

Ep6: Jessica Battilana

Ep5: Edward Lee

In this episode, we also remember Anthony Bourdain and his lasting impact on cookbooks.

Ep4: Emily Kaiser Thelin

Ep3: James Syhabout

Ep2: Preeti Mistry

Five Morsels of Love
By Archana Pidathala

Ep1: Nigella Lawson