Excerpt: Jacques Pépin, A Grandfather's Lessons

Episode 7: Jacques Pépin

I've always cooked for my family. Even when I was a child, I cooked with my mother or for her, or for my brothers or my father; and later on for my wife, Gloria, and for my daughter, Claudine. I held Claudine in my arm when she was a couple of years old and let her stir the soup or make the salad. She would get all excited as if she had made it and she could not wait to taste it -- it was her production. So it’s important that a child to spend time in the kitchen, the most sacred, comfortable, loving place in the house. The smell of food cooking your Mother's or Father's voice or the clang of the utensil and the taste of the food. These memories will stay with you the rest of your life. The purpose of this simple book about cooking with Shorey, my granddaughter, is to show how spending time together in the kitchen can enhance your life as well as your relationship. Cooking has certainly changed great deal in the last 30 years, but regardless of the style of the food tradition remains important in our house. Sitting down together for dinner is an essential part of daily life.

In this book, I wanted to cook things with my that she likes and I also wanted to teach her easy logical steps that she could understand. I wanted to prepare food that is simple but elegant and more than anything, I wanted it to be fun.

Brian Stewart