Gaby Dalkin // What's Gaby Cooking


"I want people to feel very at home in the kitchen because that's how they should feel. I never want anyone to be intimidated or feel like one of my recipes is out of reach."

—Gaby Dalkin

This week, we're excited to welcome Gaby Dalkin to SALT + SPINE, the podcast on stories behind cookbooks.

Gaby is the force behind What’s Gaby Cooking—a popular food blog and, now, a California-inspired cookbook, What's Gaby Cooking: Everyday California Food. She is a private chef-turned food blogger who commands a sizeable following with her captivating social media presence and simple but enticing recipes. If you’re not a follower, you might have stumbled onto one of Gaby’s Internet-famous recipes—like her guacamole, or her uber-popular Slutty Brownies, which combine cookie dough, Oreos, and brownies into one decadent dessert.

I think the book is probably more well-rounded than the blog. The blog is very dinner and appetizer focused, because I think people on a day-to-day basis are looking for how to get dinner on the table and then how to entertain on the weekend.
— Gaby Dalkin, on her blog vs. her cookbook

We sat down with Gaby at San Francisco's The Civic Kitchen cooking school to talk about her recipes, her path from a super picky eater to today, and the transition from food blogger to cookbook author.